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Gibson Stainless & Specialty Inc. is an American company, 100% American owned. From the very beginning, Gibson Stainless has used castings from American foundries. All of our original products, from beam clamps to right angle clamps to conduit bodies, have always been cast in the United States. Machining, finishing, inspection, assembly and packaging are done at Gibson Stainless by Gibson Stainless employees.

With the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States, it has been very difficult at times to find American made component parts such as the small screws that hold the lid onto a conduit body; very difficult - but not impossible. Gibson Stainless is making a concerted effort to produce 100% Made in USA parts; not just the casting, but also all component parts such as nuts and screws. We have made great strides and most of our products are now 100% Made in USA.

Our online catalog indicates which Gibson Stainless products are 100% Made in USA. It also shows the products which have some foreign component and those that are direct imports. We will continue our efforts to either manufacture or source from domestic manufacturers those smaller component items which, in the past, have been foreign products.

Country of Origin Certificates can be provided; please contact us today.

Please refer to the following key or contact the factory for specific "country of origin" details:

100% Made in USA
"100% Made in USA" - Product is 100% made in the United States from melt to final assembly.
Manufactured in USA
"Manufactured in USA" - Product is manufactured in the United States; raw material may or may not be of U.S. origin.

"May Contain Imported Component" - Product is made in the United States but may contain a component that is an import. The cost of the components manufactured in the United States exceeds 50% of the cost of all components.

 *Please note: Any changes in a product's country of origin will be updated immediately on our website.

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