As an American-owned company dedicated to quality and transparency across all of its work, Gibson Stainless & Specialty is proud to stand behind its Made in USA ethos. We make qualified claims, ensuring that we are very clear in terms of our products’ country of origin. We will not state “Made in USA” unless the product is 100% Made in USA (manufactured in the United States, from melt to final assembly, on every component). If there is an imported component, or a product itself is a direct import, we make it known. 

All of the castings in our primary product lines are 100% domestic, poured in American foundries. All of our original products, from beam clamps to right angle clamps to conduit bodies, have always been cast in the United States. Machining, finishing, inspection, assembly and packaging are done at Gibson Stainless by Gibson Stainless employees. 

In order to confidently state the country of origin of our products, it is our policy to contact any and all of our material suppliers to obtain a certificate stating the origin. If a country of origin Certificate is needed, we are happy to provide one.

Every product's country of origin can be found in our online catalog and below.  We indicate which products are 100% Made in USA. We also show which products have a foreign component and those that are direct imports. We are committed to providing American-made products for the electrical industry and will continue our efforts to provide products that are all 100% Made in USA.  As product lines are converted to 100% Made in USA, some inventory may not qualify as such during the transition. Please contact the factory for specific details or needs.

 Note: Any changes in a product's country of origin will be updated immediately on our website. 

 For information regarding various American-Made product regulations such as the Buy American Act, the Buy America Act, or the 
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) – Buy American Provision, please reference our eBook:

100% Made in USA

Product is 100% made in the United States, from melt to final assembly.

  • Conduit
  • Conduit Nipples
  • Elbows
  • Couplings
  • Three-Piece Couplings
  • Conduit Bodies
  • Pulling Elbows
  • Device Boxes
  • GUA Conduit Bodies
  • EYS Sealing Fittings
  • Unions (UNF, UNY)
  • Cord Grip Connectors (without mesh)
  • Hubs
  • Grounding Hubs
  • Locknuts
  • Grounding Locknuts
  • Liquidtight Connectors
  • Grounding Liquidtight Connectors
  • Face Reducing Bushings
  • Enlarger Bushings
  • Socket Plugs
  • One Hole Straps
  • Clamp Back Spacers
  • Two Hole Straps
  • U-Bolt Plates
  • Strut
  • Spring Nuts
  • Channel Nuts
  • Post Bases
  • Threaded Rod
  • Square Washers
  • 90° Angles
  • Strut Plates
  • Product May Contain Imported Component

    Product is made in the United States but may contain a component that is an import. The cost of the components manufactured in the United State exceeds 50% of the cost of all components.

  • Device Box Covers (screws, gasket)
  • Cord Grip Connectors with Mesh (mesh)
  • Conduit Hangers (bolt, hex nut)
  • Right Angle Clamps (hex nuts, raw material for u-bolt)
  • Parallel Clamps (bolt, hex nut)
  • 2000 Series Beam Clamps - part numbers 2003, 2004 (bolt)
  • 2100 Series Beam Clamps - part numbers 2103, 2104 (bolt)
  • U-Bolts (hex nuts, raw material for u-bolt)
  • Two Piece Clamps (bolt, hex nut)
  • Right Angle Beam Clamps (hex nuts, raw material for u-bolt)
  • Ground Rod Clamps (bolt)

  • *Possible imported component listed in parentheses.


  • Hex Head Reducing Bushings
  • Hex Head Plugs
  • Rod Couplings
  • Hardware

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