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Gibson Enters Agreement with Summit Electric Products
December, 2017

In an effort to enhance, consolidate, and streamline sales efforts in Canada, Gibson Stainless has entered into an agreement with Summit Electric Products for exclusive sales rights in all Canadian provinces.

Summit has been representing Gibson Stainless in Ontario for several years and has enjoyed great success and growth. Summit stocks Gibson products including stainless steel conduit. Please contact them for all Canadian inquiries.

Summit Electric Products Limited
3333 Devon Drive
Windsor, Ontario N8X 4L5
Phone: 1.800.265.4822
Fax: 1.519.250.8389

As always, Gibson will still be available for technical support if necessary.

Gibson Adds Conduit Caps
October, 2017

Conduit Caps 

Gibson Stainless is introducing conduit caps to its product line.

Conduit caps are used to end runs of conduit in a conduit system. These caps can allow for future system expansion or rerouting of conduit. Caps have NPT threads and are designed for use with rigid conduit. Hexagonal flats allow for easy tightening with standard hand tools.

The caps are offered in Type 316 SS in sizes ½” – 4” and are 100% Made in USA.
More information can be found here.

Gibson Stainless New Product Bulletin_Caps
Submittal Sheet_Conduit Caps

Cord Grip Connectors Added to Gibson’s Product Line
June, 2017

Cord Grip Connectors 

Gibson Stainless has added cord grip connectors to its product line. The connectors are offered in Type 316 SS in sizes ½” – 1” and with or without mesh.

Cord grip connectors are designed to provide a means of terminating flexible cord or cable in devices, boxes, or enclosures. Cord grip connectors provide a weather-tight seal and, when specified with a stainless steel mesh grip, prevent the transfer of tension from the cable to the terminals or joints contained within the device, box, or enclosure. In addition to pull-out protection, the strain relief mesh also helps to prevent over-bending and kinking of the cord.

More information can be found here.

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin_Cord Grip Connectors
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_Cord Grip Connectors
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_ Cord Grip Connectors with Strain Relief Mesh 

Gibson Stainless Announces New Representation in Indiana
 April, 2017

Right Sales & Service will now represent Gibson Stainless in the north and central areas of Indiana.

Right Sales & Service was established in 2011 and has a team with over 100 years of combined experience in the electrical industry. Their team focuses on Indiana electrical markets for residential, commercial and industrial products along with some utility.

To learn more visit

The A.L. Pickens Company, who has represented Gibson Stainless in Kentucky and parts of Indiana for 17 years, will now cover the southern Indiana counties of Posey, Gibson, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Pike, Spencer, Dubois, Perry, Crawford, Orange, Harrison, Washington, Floyd, Clark, Scott, and Jefferson.

Mulcrone & Associates, who has represented Gibson Stainless for 11 years, will continue to cover the counties of Lake and Porter.

Gibson Adds UNF and UNY Fittings to its Hazardous Location Product Line
 March, 2017

UNY-UNF Fittings

Gibson Stainless has added  UNF and UNY fittings to the product line. UNF and UNY fittings, also known as explosion-proof unions, are designed for use in hazardous area locations to join threaded lengths of conduit or to connect rigid conduit to devices, boxes, or enclosures.

These fittings are Type 316 SS and manufactured in the USA. Sizes ½“ - 1” are currently offered. 

More information can be found here

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin_UNF, UNY Fittings
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_UNF Fittings
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_UNY Fittings 

Gibson Stainless Introduces the "Drop In Anchor"
 February, 2017

Drop In Anchor

Gibson Stainless  has added the “Drop In Anchor” to its product line. The drop in anchor is an internally (female) threaded anchor that can be used with standard hex head bolts.

Sizes  1/4”,  3/8” and 1/2” are currently offered.

More information on the drop in anchors can be found here

Gibson Stainless' New Three-Piece Coupling Product Line
 December, 2016

Three-Piece Coupling

Gibson Stainless
has redesigned and expanded its Three-Piece Coupling product line.

Three-piece couplings are used to join and connect the threaded ends of rigid conduit where the conduit cannot be turned. Using three-piece couplings allows for future modifications to the conduit system without full disassembly.

Gibson Stainless manufactures these fittings entirely in Type 316 SS.  Sizes 1/2" - 2" are now offered. Please click here for more details.

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin_Three-Piece Coupling
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_Three-Piece Coupling

Gibson Stainless Now Offers Pulling Elbows
 October, 2016

Pulling Elbow

Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc. is introducing Pulling Elbows to its product line.

Pulling elbows are designed for use with rigid conduit to make wiring pulls at 90° bends in a conduit system. Pulling elbows can aid in instances of sharp bends and allow a straight pull in either direction.

Each pulling elbow is supplied complete with Type 316 SS cover, neoprene gasket, and Type 316 SS screws.

Gibson Stainless manufactures the pulling elbows in CF8M (316 SS) and they are 100% Made in USA. Please click here for more details.

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin_Pulling Elbow
Gibson Stainless Submittal Sheet_Pulling Elbow

Gibson Introduces New Face Reducing Bushing
 November, 2015

Face Reducing Bushing

Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc. has added a new style of reducing bushing to its product line: the face reducing bushing. Similar to the hex head reducing bushing, the face reducing bushing provides a means of reducing the size of a female threaded port while eliminating the hex head component, creating a cleaner, more seamless appearance. An integral wrench boss facilitates installation of the bushing onto the smaller raceway while a smooth throat helps protect conductors during wire pulling.

These fittings are all 100% Made in USA. Various sizes are in stock and available now. Please click here for more details.

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin_Face Reducing Bushing

Gibson Introduces New "X" Conduit Bodies
 September, 2015

X Conduit Body

Gibson Stainless is introducing a new configuration to its conduit body product line. The “X” conduit body has now been added to the line that contains the C, LB, LL, LR, T, and TB styles. The “X” is currently available in the 3/4” and 1” sizes, which are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Conduit bodies are designed to make 90° bends, to change the route of conduit, and/or to make wiring pulls and connections. These Form 8 conduit bodies permit simple, easy installation using ordinary hand tools. A flat design provides extra wiring capacity. Each conduit body is supplied complete with a cover, gasket and Type 316 SS screws. All Gibson Stainless conduit bodies are 100% Made in USA.

Gibson Stainless Product Bulletin "X" Conduit Body

Gibson Completes $4.8 Million Expansion
 August, 2015

CNC Turning and Milling

Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc., a leading manufacturer of stainless steel conduit and fittings has completed its move to a new larger facility. The new building was designed and built for Gibson Stainless, containing 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space as well as 5,000 square feet of office space.

The facility also contains new state of the art equipment and machinery to accommodate the growth of the company. With the additional space Gibson will continue to increase inventory levels and develop new product lines.

In the upcoming months new products, policies, and procedures will be announced. Please stay tuned to  

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